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All Field with a pop up wheel have a add button, select add and enter the data associated with the field, upon saving the case file the data added is then stored to the field to make for a quick selection after a established notebook.

Surgery Notebook has a built in security feature that keep patient data safe. a passcode is selected the first time i-surgery notebook is ran. Passcode can be changed in the settings screen.

Add a Case
Under the add a case screen start with date and facility , date is selected with a pop up calendar and facility is set using a pop up wheel.

Name, Dob, Mr#, all have pop up keyboard, Gender is selected with a slider.

Next proceed to Procedure-
In this screen details about the surgical procedure are entered , with a combination of pop up Keyboard, number pad and pop up wheel selection tool.

Next proceed to case notes:
This screen allows the user to Input notes about the case. Select the image button and the user is prompted to select camera or library , this feature allows the user incorporate a image into the case file. All images are stored in the case file and not on the camera roll this ensures images are not viewed at random.

I-surgery notebook allows the user to search and view case log. The user have a several selection options .

Date : To and From
Patient: By name
Procedure: same pop up wheel menu as in procedure
Surgeon: same pop up wheel as in procedure .

The user have to option to view the entire log at any time.

Surgery Notebook has a export feature allowing the user to export case information in column format for easy viewing. The user is able to export in to-from date format, Service or procedure.

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Terms of Use

Terms of Use
Surgery Notebook is “AS IS “ with the no warranty. It is the users responsibility to use the software in a manner that complies with medical law and regulations. The developers is not responsible for any damages.

Version History

Version 1.0
- Initial Release

Version 1.1 (awaiting App store approval)
- Minor screen layout issues resolved
- Make Surgeon details visible in detail screen